Stacey Solomon spends day visiting Mrs Hinch's alpacas at Hinch Farm

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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Stacey Solomon made the most of the last day of the summer holidays, by taking a trip to visit her good friend Sophie Hinchcliffe(aka Mrs Hinch)'s stunning new home, Hinch Farm. Including, to everyone's delight, several alpacas and chickens!

Stacey and her sister Jemma went over to Hinch Farm with their kids, posting lots of fun antics on their Instagram stories, and Stacey and Sophie sharing a post on Instagram with pictures of them hanging our with Sophie's three alpacas; Roy, Rodney & Raymond.

The ladies captioned the post: "The best kind of day 🤩 Spending the last day of summer with friends, family, fur & feathered friends 😂" Before adding just how hard they found it to come up with the co-authored post, writing; "P.S this caption to us 40 minutes to think of and it doesn’t show 😂"

It looks like they had a great time with Sophie commenting; "Wouldn’t change our craziness for the world ❤️ thank you girlies ❤️"

The cleaning sensation has been posting lots of progress pictures of the new home to her account, and has moved on from her trademark all grey style, emulated allover the country, for soft farm house creams and pine.

The alpacas arrived earlier this year to Hinch Farm, with Sophie introducing them on Instagram writing; "Say cheeeeese 🤎Our new fur boys 🤎 Please meet Roy Rodney & Raymond 😭"

Telling fans and followers; "All three boys have settled in so well, they have their own little personalities already and I get so excited just to see them, care for them and best of all watch Ronnie & Lennie laugh at them 😂 my heart feels so full for my family ❤️ welcome home boys, welcome to Hinch Farm ❤️ xxx"

Mrs Hinch really is building a beautiful family home packed with good old-fashioned outdoorsy fun.

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