Stacey Solomon shares how to make Valentine's Day gifts on a budget

stacey solomon valentine's day gifts on a budget
Stacey Solomon on DIY Valentine's Day giftsDavid M. Benett - Getty Images

Valentine's Day is all about showing a loved one how much you care, but this doesn't have to mean spending a fortune on lavish gifts. In fact, a homemade present that requires time and effort to put together is often far more thoughtful, as Stacey Solomon has reminded us.

Speaking to The Hits Radio Breakfast Show on Monday, 23 January, Stacey suggested how to make Valentine's Day special on a budget.

a bouquet of tulips on crochet
Ana Rocio Garcia Franco - Getty Images

"If you’re lucky enough to have a garden just pick flowers out the garden, you’ll be surprised how nice things look – otherwise you’re going to pay £20," Stacey said.

"Or you can make your own chocolate. For Christmas Joe and I made these chocolate slabs; so we bought really cheap, big bars of chocolate and you just shove it in the oven, melt it and put a load of sprinkles or write whatever you want on it and it’s like a personalised chocolate bar."

Stacey, who is expecting her fifth child with husband Joe Swash, added that "just cooking a meal" can be a treat for your other half. Even helping out with household chores is likely to put a smile on your partner's face! "I don’t expect to walk into my bedroom and the ceiling to be covered in balloons," Stacey explained. "I’m just like ‘Joe, Hoover’. If you wake up and Hoover the house and sort everything out it’s going to cost you absolutely nothing."

From patchwork cards to homemade gift bags, there are plenty of crafty ideas to try out this Valentine's Day. After all, it's the thought that counts!

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