Stacey Solomon shares easy – and effective – Christmas craft

stacey solomon christmas crafts
Stacey Solomon shares impressive Christmas craftDave J Hogan - Getty Images

Stacey Solomon is getting Christmas ready and has shared a great idea for a super easy Christmas craft idea on Instagram (11 November). The television presenter enjoyed some craft time with her youngest son, Rex, as they made some impressive paper snowflakes together.

Stacey transformed ordinary brown paper bags into 3D snowflakes that can be hung up as Christmas decorations. The craft-loving star described them as "the easiest and prettiest craft ever" and it’s made us even more excited for her forthcoming Christmas crafts TV show Craft Your Own Christmas, which follows Stacey making a special Christmas grotto.

Taking to Instagram, Stacey wrote: "❄️ Paper Snowflakes ❄️ The EASIEST but PRETTIEST craft ever! Me and Rexy just had the loveliest evening making the easiest but most beautiful Christmas decorations out of paper bags 🥲 Just paper bags, glue & some scissors (I think stick glue would have been better but I couldn’t find mine 🙈) Happy Friyay everyone 🤩

"P.S We had lots of paper bags left over from Christmas’s gone by because for the last few years I’ve wrapped in craft paper & craft bags - you get lots for really cheap, they’re recyclable and then everything matches 😂 It only takes about 8 bags to make one and they’re so so pretty 🥲 I’m definitely going to make more of these and maybe find some different colour bags 🥹Totally Inspired by @themerrythought 🤍"

New York based crafters Caitlin and Manda who run the blog The Merry Thought, which Stacey credits, have a tutorial for how to make paper bag stars. Stacey has given them her own paper snowflake twist.

Making 3D paper snowflakes from paper bags requires basic craft supplies so they're an affordable craft that everyone can try. You can even get the kids involved as Stacey did at home, getting her son Rex involved with the project.

How to make Stacey Soloman's paper snowflakes

All you need are paper bags (eight per snowflake), scissors and glue. As Stacey demonstrates in her Instagram reel you simply stack up your paper bags, gluing the sides together and leaving the opening gap accessible.

Next you cut a triangle shape at the top to shape your snowflake edges. To add the snowflake designs, cut out shapes using scissors into the bags.

Once the glue is dry and secure, open the bags out into a fan shape to create a pin wheel style decoration. You need to glue the last two sides of the bags together to join and can attach thread or ribbon before hanging for a simple, but effective festive decoration.

You can see the fully tutorial for how to make 3D paper snowflakes on The Merry Thought blog or check out our project for how to make classic paper snowflakes which look just as effective hung up at home.

We can’t wait to see what Stacey has in-store for Christmas crafting inspiration next!

And if you're inspired to make your own decorations this Christmas, check out our Christmas craft ideas including making your own crackers, wreath and advent calendar.

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