Stacey Solomon shares another super easy Christmas craft idea

stacey solomon christmas crafts
Stacey Solomon shares another fab Christmas craftJoe Maher - Getty Images

Stacey Solomon is giving us plenty festive inspiration with her latest Christmas craft idea – making giant baubles.

The Loose Women panellist took to her Instagram page today (Monday, 21 November) to share her latest DIY Christmas decoration, making impressive giant baubles from toy balls and paper cups.

A stylish decoration, these oversized baubles will certainly create impact. For colours, Stacey went with a stylish cream and dark bronze combo but you could choose whatever hues suit your Christmas decor.

Stacey wrote: "I love these! They were Super easy to make but look so so pretty 😍 😂 Happy Monday Everyone 🖤 P.S Don’t worry I’m not spraying my tiles these are outdoor patio tiles that wash down super easy! 🖤"

Listing what you need, Stacey explained you need balls, paint (she used spray paint), paper cups, glitter and some glue.

To make the giant baubles, Stacey spray paints them then, before the paint is completely dry, dabs on glitter at regular intervals. To make the top of the bauble, Stacey cuts a gold paper cup for a lifelike replica of the metal clasp you find at the top of baubles.

It's a great way to upcycle the kids' old balls into with low cost materials. If you're buying glitter, there are plenty of biodegradable options available.

This isn't the first Christmas craft Stacey's shared with her Instagram followers, having recently made pretty 3D paper snowflakes from brown paper bags.

The star is also set to share more creative festive ideas with us in a BBC Christmas craft show. The hour-long TV special called Craft Your Own Christmas with Stacey Solomon will see craft-loving TV star Stacey transform a barn next to her home, Pickle Cottage, into a Christmas grotto to host a festive party for her local community heroes.

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