Stacey Solomon shares adorable photos to mark two weeks with baby daughter, Belle

stacey solomon photos baby belle
Stacey Solomon shares sweet photos of baby BelleGetty Images

Stacey Solomon has shared two new photos of her daughter Belle to mark two weeks with her newborn.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, 21 February, the star celebrated two weeks since the arrival of her daughter. Stacey revealed two new photos of Belle, with her baby daughter looking adorable in both snaps.

Accompanying the sweet photos, Stacey shared a sweet and emotional post describing her time with her newborn. "Oh Hello Beautiful Belle," she said. "he most special two weeks of you Belle… 🥲 Today all the boys went back to school & Belle had lots of awake time. I think she was wondering where all the noise and craziness had gone 😂 i felt like I got some time to properly see her & talk to her today. I love these days when they start to open their eyes more & really look around and begin to show you little bits of who they are and the adventures to come."

Fans and celebrities alike were quick to comment, sharing their delight for both Belle and Stacey. Presenter, Gaby Roslin, said: "She looks just like her daddy @realjoeswashy ❤️❤️" while cleaning guru and long-time friend of Stacey, Mrs Hinch, commented: "Oh Her little hand and eyes 🥹 so pure ❤️ the most beautiful picture I ever did see."

This isn't the first emotional message that Stacey has shared about her daughter. Previously, the star shared three, beautiful photos of herself enjoying cuddles with Belle.

Captioning these images, Stacey said: "Snuggle Saturdays 🤍 with Belle 🥀 The last time I stood here and took a picture you were inside my tummy ready to come out…🥹 The pjs have been washed but I can’t say the same about my hair 😂 I love that I still have our bump too. The best memory of growing you and the perfect little ledge to sleep you on 🥲 Happy Saturday everyone🤍 Lots of love from us 🤍 P.S I’m as tired as I look 😂"

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