Stacey Solomon reveals what she and Joe Swash clash over admitting 'we really annoy each other'

Stacey Solomon opened up about the share of the housework that she splits with husband Joe Swash, revealing that they do annoy each other.

In a podcast, the presenter spoke about the inception of the pair’s relationship and how much they have grown as parents and in their marriage.

“There comes points where like we really annoy each other for whatever reason and we just have to reset every now and again. So, I think that’s always a healthy thing to do, just sit down and make sure you always say the positives first. That’s something I’ve learnt from discussing with Joe.”

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon's family pose on the beach
Stacey opened up on life with Joe and her brood -Credit:Instagram/Joe Swash

The Sort Your Life Out presenter, 34, shares three children with husband Joe - Rex, five, Rose, two, and one year old Belle. Joe also has a son named Harry, 17, from his previous relationship with Emma Sophocleous, and is step-father to Stacey's two older sons, Zachary, 15, and Leighton, 11, from a previous relationship.

Continuing, the mum-of-five, spoke about meeting Joe for the first time and how that has evolved to the present day with their ever growing brood, which the couple announced they now have two extra mouths to feed.

“When I first met Joe, I think what made me fall in love with him the most is what type of dad he was. I think that’s the reason we got together so I kind of in my brain picked him for that reason.”

Stacey Solomon with her ducklings
Stacey and Joe welcome two new arrivals -Credit:Instagram/Stacey Solomon
Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon are now duckling parents
Joe Swash joked he has 'two more mouths to feed' after he and wife welcome new ducklings -Credit:Instagram/Joe Swash

While the topic of discussion was how the other half helps, Stacey narrated the discussions that arise in the Swash-Solomon household that leaves them having frequent discussions.

“If I am thinking in terms of housework, I have to sit down with Joe on a regular basis and be like, ‘this isn't supporting me. I can't do this this this and this if you don't do this this and this," Stacey expressed.

"But, I love you, you’re amazing here, here and here but you are going to have to keep helping with this, this and this.’ Sometimes there’s things he says to me like, ‘Stace, you haven’t done enough of this and I would really appreciate if you did a bit of this with me,’ and we have that conversation.”

Stacey Solomon, Joe Swash, and their son Rex in matching football kits
Stacey says she fancies Joe more in a football kit -Credit:Instagram/Stacey Solomon

Showing their loving relationship, Stacey recently made a rather cheeky comment about husband Joe, not long after she shocked fans by sharing that she plans to give up her showbiz career.

She shared a video clip that saw their daughter Rose watching her dad take part in the football match, to which Stacey added the text: "Daddy's biggest fans [white heart emoji]." She followed this with a clip of the match itself, zooming in on Joe. Over this she cheekily wrote: "NGL quite fancied Joe in his football kit [laughing emoji]."