Stacey Solomon Responds to Trolls Who Made Fun of Her 'hairy' Baby Bump

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Stacey Solomon, who is heavily pregnant with her fourth child, has responded to trolls who made fun of her 'hairy' baby bump on social media.

After posting a series of photos from her baby shower to Instagram, Stacey shared a snap of her dog curled up next to her bump. She captioned the post: 'Bump cuddles.'

In response to the Story, one follower messaged her saying, 'Has the dog got a moulting problem and malted [sic] all on your belly or is that just how hairy you are?'

But the former X-Factor contestant and Loose Women panelist didn't let the comments go unnoticed, and took to her Stories to hit back. Alongside a screenshot of the troll's DM, Stacey wrote: 'Sat down to read your messages and I can’t stop laughing at this one. I think the hairs make it even cuter to be honest.'

In a follow up video, she added, "'Theo doesn’t moult at all, it’s just my beautiful pregnancy belly and I always thought it was really cute! My little furry bump.'

Taking the spotlight away from the troll's comments, Stacey shared how her Story had resonated with other followers and mums-to-be by posting screenshots of the more positive DMs she'd received.

'I've had a hairy tummy since my teens and I’ve always thought it was just me! I’ve never seen anyone else show theirs and I’m 30 now! If I’d seen it as a teenager it would have made such a difference,' one fan said, while another wrote 'I love that you posted a hairy tum.'

She also shared a series of photos to her Instagram feed showing off how proud she is of her bump. She captioned the post: 'I Love you Bump. I love your furriness, your glittery stretch marks and my scar you’ve managed to stretch in to a baby bun bun. I just know when this is all over I’ll be so sad to see you slowly go down, and I’m just so grateful for everything you’re doing right now. All to make our little girl… And to you in there little one… You are enough.'

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It's not the first time Stacey has opened up about the realities of her pregnancy. Earlier this year she revealed that she and partner Joe Swash had been 'trying for another pickle' but had miscarried at six weeks and five days.

'We decided we were so lucky already to have our boys. It is our biggest privilege in life and we are so grateful to be parents so we stopped trying and counted ourselves so so so blessed already...' she wrote in a heartfelt Instagram message.

Stacey went on to explain that she'd been experiencing symptoms associated with pregnancy again, but that she was afraid to get her hopes up. 'For a while now I've felt so yuck and even though I thought about what it felt like, I didn't even want to go and check at first because, well, just because you know (I don't even like to write it)... But yesterday we went to check what's going on and we were so grateful to hear an extra heartbeat in my tummy.'

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It's so incredibly brave of Stacey and Joe to share what they've been through and we can't wait to see photos of the 'pickle' when she makes her debut.

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