Stacey Solomon confirms the reason why she hasn’t watched Joe Swash on I’m A Celeb

The TV presenter hasn’t tuned in to see her husband take on the challenges of the South Africa based all-star series

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 17: Stacey Solomon with her son Rex Swash attends the
Stacey Solomon has admitted she totally forgot husband Joe Swash was on TV. (Getty Images)

Stacey Solomon has admitted the reason why she hasn’t been watching husband Joe Swash on I’m A Celebrity all-stars.

Solomon, 33, claimed that both she and Swash had entirely forgotten he was appearing on the pre-recorded series due to a bad case of baby brain.

The couple welcomed their third child together, baby Belle back in February after Swash, 41, had completed recording the run of episodes.

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Swash has been taking part in a series of challenges in episodes airing this weekend after viewers saw him arrive as a late addition to the lineup alongside EastEnders star Dean Gaffney.

Solomon shared her amusement at their forgetfulness with fans on Instagram as she explained they were hoping to catch up on the missed episodes.

She said: “I will be honest with you both of us forgot he was even in it, so we missed it yesterday. He filmed it so long ago and we've both got baby brain right now and completely forgot about it.”

She then laughed as she confessed they hoped to watch it in bed together to get up to speed on camp life.

Solomon and Swash already share son and daughter, Rex, three and Rose, one.

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They also co-parent their children from previous relationships - Solomon’s sons Zachary, 14, and Leighton, 10, as well as Swash’s son Harry, 15.

Previously speaking about his I’m ACeleb appearance Joe said: "I’m A Celebrity holds a big place in my heart. I won it and I was lucky enough to go on to present the spin-off series on ITV2 for ten years.

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"I met Stacey whilst I was out in Australia and me and Stacey have now married and we have had kids.

"Stacey is over the moon about me doing it. The jungle holds a big part in both our hearts. Without the jungle, we wouldn’t have each other. In a way, we owe it to the jungle to say goodbye."

He added: "I can’t express enough my gratitude for the fact I met Stacey on the back of it, had my kids and it gave me a whole different direction with my career."