Stacey Solomon fulfils 'childhood dream' with epic addition to garden at Pickle Cottage

Stacey Solomon
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TV presenter and skilled DIY-er Stacey Solomon has revealed the latest addition to her garden at Pickle Cottage on Instagram, and it is something she has always dreamed of – a zip line.

Alongside a video showing Stacey, husband Joe Swash and their children trying out the zip line, Stacey wrote: “Pickle Cottage Zipline. Honestly this has been a dream of the kids, and quite honestly mine & joes forever.

“So this year, we decided to say “f” it again and get a zipline. Here she is. 50ft of happiness from tree to tree. So grateful to have the space to be able to do this. And to have found a small business who installs these. Because until I realised how much maths and physics you needed to calculate to put one of these in it was going to be a DIY which would have 100% ended in disaster it’s much more complicated than you think.”

Stacey Solomon
Stacey tries out the zipline with daughter Rose -Credit:instagram/staceysolomon

Stacey went on to thank the business that installed it, and to confirm she and Joe paid for the zipline themselves. “Thank you for making such an incredible memory maker for our garden (fully paid for just an INCREDIBLE small business that deserves to be seen).”

The Loose Women star and Sort Your Life Out presenter has been focusing on improving the Pickle Cottage garden recently, and she previously shared a video of herself operating a tractor digger while Joe cheered her on from a safe distance.

"Project pond is starting today, Joe is literally my biggest cheerleader it cracks me up," she wrote alongside the clip.

In the video, Stacey, who is mum to Zachary, 16, Leighton, 12, Rex, six, Rose, four, and one year old Belle , can be seen shifting huge piles of dirt to make way for a pond in their garden, clearly impressing Joe with her digging skills.

Stacey Solomon
Stacey on her new zip line -Credit:instagram/staceysolomon

"Look at that bucket! No messing around. There's a tree in there, look. She's moving trees and like an absolute pro, look at this. That was a good bucket there Stace," he said in the video.

However, not every project at Pickle Cottage has gone without incident. On Tuesday 4 June, Stacey shared a video in which she showed off a black and injured eye, which she had cut after dropping part of the bird coop she had been making the night before for two ducklings that the family had adopted.

She explained how the injury happened: "I thought 'If I don't put it up right this second I won't put it up until the weekend.’ And any normal person would say 'It's fine, put it up at the weekend, they're not going to be in that coop for another six weeks,' but my toxic trait is if there's something in front of me I have to do it immediately.”

“So I persisted to build a duck coop in literally dusk, dusk lighting and I got to the roof, got to the triangle bit on the roof and dropped it on my eye. Ugh why am I like this?,” she laughed.