Stacey Solomon blasts misleading fitness videos as 'infuriating' but defends Scarlett Moffatt

Mike P Williams
Stacey Solomon blasts the DVD companies but defends Scarlett Moffatt. (PA)

Stacey Solomon has hit out at the fitness DVD industry that misleads fans with fake workout regimes.

The comments come in the wake of the controversy surrounding Scarlett Moffatt’s fitness DVD titled SuperSlim Me Plan. It angered people when it was revealed she’d actually attended a grueling boot camp and been on an extreme diet to achieve her weight loss, while insisting it was down to the workout on the DVD.

But while Stacey, 28, slammed the DVDs for promoting unrealistic and, in this case, false results from said workouts, she strongly defended its star Scarlett, 27.

Speaking on talkRADIO, the former X Factor contestant said: ‘I find it quite infuriating. I feel like the DVD company should be liable,’ she said.

‘I think the DVD company, if they’re going to offer you a deal, should turn around and say, ‘”You have to use the exercise plan on the DVD to lose the weight otherwise we’re selling a lie”.’

Scarlett Moffatt allegedly duped fans with secret boot camp and extreme dieting for weight loss

She went on to suggest that integrity is important when being the face of and making money off of a fitness DVD you’re selling to fans: ‘If they are going to sell a DVD then it has to be the absolute honest truth.’

The I’m A Celeb 2010 winner also appeared keen to promote a natural and ‘normal’ body shape, rather than set unrealistic goals that a lot of people can’t achieve. ‘I am really lucky because I have great friends and family around me who don’t care what I look like and take me, lumps and all,’ she said.

‘There are more important things to worry about than looking a certain way.

‘I don’t understand why normal doesn’t sell.’

Scarlett emerged from winning the 2016 series of I’m A Celeb and within weeks released a fitness DVD on Boxing Day. It was a hit, selling over 60,000 copies and earning her in excess of £100,000.

But now, after the Gogglebox star put the weight back on – a clause in her contract insists she stay her news, achieved weight for at least 12 months – producers of the DVD are allegedly demanding the fee back due to breach of contract.

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