St. Vincent: Paul McCartney is absolutely charming

St. Vincent on 'charming and genius' Sir Paul McCartney credit:Bang Showbiz
St. Vincent on 'charming and genius' Sir Paul McCartney credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir Paul McCartney has been hailed "absolutely charming and genius" by St. Vincent.

The Beatles legend asked the 39-year-old singer - whose real name is Annie Clark - to feature on a remix of his song ‘Women and Wives’ for the 'McCartney III Imagined' compilation this year, which boasts new versions of the songs from the third self-titled LP in the trilogy.

And the 'Pay Your Way In Pain' musician has revealed what it was like working with the 79-year-old music icon.

She told Nashville's Tennessean: "He's absolutely charming and absolutely genius.

"I guess you could call it a milestone but not even because it's so out of this planet. It's one of those things where you go, 'Oh man. I made a lot of mistakes but I must've done something right somewhere if Paul McCartney is calling me.'"

Vincent also revealed she found it "inspiring" how The Beatles were able to take a "good idea" and "hash it out and make it great", as documented in the Peter Jackson-helmed Disney+ docuseries, 'The Beatles: Get Back'.

She added: "Of course, I saw the Beatles doc but what I loved about it so much was ... I think a lot of people who don't make music think about it as magic — and it absolutely is.

"But I found it so refreshing to watch how they could come in with a good idea and hash it out and make it great. That was the most inspiring thing about it."

Meanwhile, despite being "Beatles all the way", the Grammy-winning artist revealed she fell "deep" in love with The Rolling Stones while making her most recent LP, 'Daddy's Home'.

She told the publication: "That's another band that I feel into that trap as a kid — Beatles or Stones? And I was Beatles all the way. I always liked the Stones, but I started loving the Stones in a deep way making 'Daddy's Home.'"