New SQUAD Solar City Car can get you around town on sun power

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SQUAD Mobility/Cover Images

Drivers will soon be able to get around using the power of the sun thanks to the SQUAD Solar City Car.

The two-seater compact city car was launched on Monday ahead of the Fully Charged Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle Show in Amsterdam.

It charges itself on solar energy and will be pre-ordered ahead of becoming available in 2023. The SQUAD bridges the gap between cars and two-wheelers.

The solar panel on the roof provides a range of up to 20 km on sunny days, with portable batteries for an extra range of 100 km, and a top speed of 45 km/h.

For the SQUAD, filling up the tank means letting the sun do its job and recharging automatically or charging the portable batteries at a regular socket.

Safety features include a strong roll cage that protects you on all sides, three-point seat belts, and a full crash structure at the front and rear.

It is also surprisingly spacious on the inside and offers enough room for two (tall) people plus luggage - even though you can park three SQUADS in one parking space. An extra option is the SQUAD battery wall for quickly changing and charging the batteries.

The car is available to pre-order for €6,250 plus VAT ahead of becoming available next year. Subscription and/or lease models will also be offered with a target lease price starting at €100 per month.