Spritz Season Is Almost Here, But Aperol Is SO 2022

hugo spritz
The Hugo Spritz Is The New In-Drinkgetty

There's no doubt that the Spritz is the superstar cocktail of the summer. It's the perfect first drink on a summer's evening - the soda water mellows out all the boozy kick of the amaro, and a little hit of fruity Prosecco and fresh citrus makes the perfect companion to a posh crisp or bowl of salty olives.

While 2022 was all about the Italian palazzo-sipping vibes of the Aperol Spritz, this year, there's something new in store for Spritz-lovers.

The Hugo Spritz is absolutely where it's at.

What is a Hugo Spritz, and what's in it?

Made with St Germain elderflower liqueur, Prosecco, soda water, a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon or lime, it's seriously refreshing with hits of floral sweetness that'll have you gagging for another one in no time.

Like all good Spritzes, it should ideally be served as an aperitif with your favourite pre-dinner snacks, Italiano style. While the Hugo Spritz might sound like it was made up by a lovely young man from the English home counties, it's actually an Italian classic. If you want to be really Italian about it, you can pronounce it "oo-go", as the Italians do.

The cocktail was created in 2005 by Italian barman Roland Gruber as an alternative to a classic Spritz (which usually involves amaro and has bitter notes) in South Tyrol, a small commune in the North of Italy. The drink spread quickly across the Alps in apres-ski bars and villages and can now be found all over Italy. According to Ingham's Holidays, one of the very best places to try the Hugo Spritz is in bars surrounding Lake Garda. Don't mind if we do.

Now, we see it cropping up in bars in the UK over the summer too.

Here's how to make a Hugo Spritz

To whip up the hottest drink of the summer, you're going to need to start with a large wine glass (you could use a highball at a push, but the spirit of the Spritz is in the stemmed glass). Pick the leaves from a small sprig of mint and gently crush them in your hand to release those nice minty aromas. Add to the wine glass, then top with 15ml St Germain and muddle again gently. Fill the glass with ice, then add 120ml Prosecco and top up with a splash of soda water. Stir gently, then garnish with a slice of lemon or lime and a fresh sprig of mint.

Spritz Recipes

We will always love an Aperol Spritz, but if you want some other ideas, try our Red Wine Spritz, St Germain Spritz or Pimm's Spritz for a refreshing alternative!