Spotlight on: Billie Eilish’s blonde transformation

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Billie Eilish’s platinum blonde makeover broke the internet earlier this month, but for anyone wanting to copy her radical new look – be warned it won’t happen overnight.

The singer unveiled her bright blonde shag style in a record-breaking Instagram post (one million likes in just six minutes!) shortly after appearing at the Grammys, revealing she had been wearing a neon green and black mullet wig for two months until her real hair was ready to be unveiled.

Billie’s stylist Lissa Renn confirmed the painstaking process had taken a staggering six weeks, and experts insist this isn’t an easy look to recreate yourself.

“I would not recommend trying to do this at home, it definitely needs a professional to tackle such a strong colour change,” Tracy Hayes, Global Colour Ambassador at Fudge Professional, told Cover Media. “Hairdressers and clients will be ready to start the end of lockdown with a beautiful clean palette, but how do we manage this when approaching old colour such as black ends and green roots?

“The black tinted ends will most likely hold the most resistance, so the best way to approach is to take fine sections and using a pre lightener with six per cent peroxide placed over the tinted area and place foil in between the sections. This will ensure you will get a maximum and even lift.

“Once you have the desired lift, the pre lightener can be applied to the root/green area, but using a lower peroxide, as the hair will already be light underneath the root colour, and hopefully this will lift out quite easily.”

Tracy said using a good toner is essential to replicating Billie’s flawless blonde finish.

“A toner will always be needed to achieve the final colour, and the depth and tone of this will all depend on how clean your bleach has lifted,” she added.

“In Billie’s case, the final colour is a warm golden blonde that suggests she still had remaining yellow tones that the bleach couldn’t shift, but your hairdresser will be able to advise you.”

Once you have the perfect hue, use purple shampoo once a week to knock out any yellow tones and maintain the golden colour; Tracy recommends Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner.

To show off her new hue, Billie also embraced this summer’s must-have haircut – the carefree ‘70s shag style. Billie’s soft textured fringe is also right on trend, adding a chic dimension to the style.