Add A Sporty Edge To Your Summer Look With These Watches

[Photo: Instagram/ice_watch_official]

We are all in the mood for sports at the moment; getting back into the swing of summer sports with Wimbledon and the Euros, and now with the build up to the Rio Olympics, it’s on everyone’s mind - particularly now that we have the weather for it!

One of the easiest ways to add a bit of sporty spice to your look it through simple accessories, and the simplest of all being watches. A big trend for this year, especially in women’s watches is a sport look to compliment the whole sports luxe look made popular by style mavens Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss

After a long look around I’ve found the ones that I’m loving, which are both style and bank account friendly:


ICE Watch in Aqua Malibu, £100

Water resistant and a silicone strap means that you can actually do sports while wearing this watch! Summer brights will never not be a trend and always looks great on a tan.


ICE Watch, Duo, £69

Sporty but with a lighter touch, this bright neon watch is perfect for those who want a look that screams ‘I promise I do sports’!


Radley, £50

A beautiful alternative to some of the real sporty looks above it is this silicone but stylish number from Radley. It’s sports luxe for the sophisticated lady!

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