A sports site fat-shamed a guy working out and people aren't having it

Tanya Edwards
Photo: Getty Images

Body shaming — criticizing people based solely on their looks — has been an issue for people in the spotlight for decades. But with the advent of social media, everyday people are finding themselves placed in the public eye by unkind people who take issue with their physical appearance.

And most of us don’t take kindly to it.

A few days ago, the Twitter account for Barstool Sports posted a man working out and taking a selfie, unaware he was being recorded without his permission. The social media account mocked him in the caption.

Followers of the site, many of them workout enthusiasts, were put off by the site’s taking down a person working on their fitness while expecting privacy.

Going to the gym never seems easy. Whether it’s time, family obligations, work, or other barriers, it’s easy for many to put themselves last. No matter what your goals are for getting a workout in, time for self-care is important. And for many who are plus-size, struggle with body dysmorphia, or are gender nonconforming, unfortunately, there is the potential for fear and embarrassment when going to the gym.

The site’s followers seem to understand how harmful this message can be.

This is not the site’s first foray into body shaming. Last year, the site published a post, “Is Rihanna Going to Make Being Fat the Hot New Trend?” which posited that Rihanna’s supposed weight gain in a series of grainy paparazzi photos is either the result of a “bad visual” angle or “enjoying that good room service a bit too long.”

Can you not?

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