Where to splurge on your wedding day

If you want to splurge your budget, your bridal dress is the place to do it
If you want to splurge your budget, your bridal dress is the place to do it

Bridal dress

Hopefully you have a very obliging fiancé, or perhaps you just don’t care what he thinks, but blowing your wedding budget on a couture bridal gown is surely the cherry on top of every bride’s wedding cake? Imagine having your wedding dress designed and fitted precisely to your every wish and detail – stuff of dreams, perhaps? With designer frocks heading way into four figure sums you’d probably need to love the dress more than your husband-to-be, though!

Wedding venue

Your wedding day needn’t be about impressing your guests, as after all, they are your close friends and family. But when it comes to your wedding venue, this is a real chance to make a statement and wow your guests. Choosing a statement venue (and eating up a massive portion of your wedding budget in the process) will earn you mega brownie points from your guests, and will also make for some stunning photographs. Why not consider a stately home, a castle or even a theme park?

Wedding entertainment

Now, we’re not suggesting you fork out for a celebrity entertainer or A-list chart topper, or are we? We know it’s ‘out there’, but how amazing would it be if your wedding guests were serenaded by Michael Bublé himself, or were dancing away to a Lady Gaga set? This is going to set you back thousands, but it would be a dream come true to have your first dance as a married couple sung by your favourite recording artist. We suggest you get saving now!

Wedding transport

Most brides wish to arrive in style to their wedding ceremony and reception, often opting for a classic car or horse and cart. But if you’re planning on pulling out all of the stops, then don’t you think a helicopter, luxury yacht or supercar would be more fitting? Imagine your future husband arriving at the wedding ceremony with his best man in a Lamborghini and you following shortly after from above in a luxury private jet?

The wedding theme

A successful wedding theme can really pull your day together. Consistency is key, and if you have a hobby or shared interest between you and your partner then this will work really well on the big scale of your wedding day. Imagine your shared love of animals expressed through an array of tropical birds, reindeer or even snakes at your wedding reception. A theme based on your favourite holiday could bring in gondolas, igloos or even pyramids for your wedding guests to enjoy. Making your theme the biggest spend of your big day will be sure to leave you and your guests with lasting memories.

Wedding day catering

If the two of you are foodies then using the majority of your wedding budget on the catering for your big day would be far from wasteful. Hiring gourmet chefs to create dishes that meet your every taste bud’s needs could be the difference between your wedding guests being satisfied to blown away – and don’t they deserve it? Even if you live on unexciting food for the rest of your married lives, give yourselves the wedding breakfast of a lifetime with the best food you can imagine.

Wedding guest favours

While some brides and grooms feel that being invited to the wedding is treat enough for their guests, wedding favours are the way to blow your budget and really spoil your invitees. For a really impressive array on each table, shower your guests with personalised bottles of champagne, jewellery for the ladies and watches for the male guests, or even tickets to see a concert. Indulging your guests in this way will blow your wedding budget quicker than you can say ‘thank you for coming’, but will leave your guests feeling content as the happy couple. Read more on getwed.com...
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