Spitting Image producer suggests NBC pulled out of airing show in US due to fears it could upset Trump

Jacob Stolworthy
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 (Getty Images / Mark Harrison)
(Getty Images / Mark Harrison)

Spitting Image's US released was jeopardised by NBC due to fears of upsetting the political figures it lampoons.

The classic satirical series has returned for a new series on BritBox, and takes aim at famous people using distorted caricature puppets.

However, executive producer Jon Thoday has revealed that US network NBC pulled the show from its schedules due to “nervousness” around a backlash to the new puppets, which include Donald Trump.

“It’s basically quite a difficult show to do in the environment that exists,” Thoday told The Times.

“Inevitably if you attack tall poppies, people get worried.”

He added: “You can’t really do Spitting Image unless you’re fighting the corner of attacking everybody, but by doing that people just get nervous. They think they want it, but when they’ve got it they just start worrying about it.”

It will now be shown on Facebook in the US instead.

The show is known for its risky bold skits. For example, the premiere of the new series added a sketch about Trump catching coronavirus just days before it started in the UK.

Other celebrities who get sent up in the series include Bernie Sanders, Piers Morgan, Meghan Markle and Ed Sheeran.

It was revealed that changes were made to Sheeran's puppet at the last minute due to concerns it would offend red-haired viewers.

Spitting Image is available to watch on BritBox. The Independent has contacted NBC for comment.

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