'Spineless wonder: Sachin slammed for backing Modi govt

Rahul M
·4-min read

When an array of former and current cricketers took to Twitter to voice their support for the Indian government against the propaganda and interference by external forces in India’s internal affairs, they received overwhelming response from people praising them.

(Photo credit should read ALEXANDER JOE/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo credit should read ALEXANDER JOE/AFP via Getty Images)

The cricketers’ tweets followed the online posts by celebrities such Rihanna, Mia Khalifa and Greta Thunberg who showed solidarity with a section of the farmers protesting against the farm laws in India.

And even as these cricketers slammed exaggerations and untruths and stood by India’s honour, there was a section of people who were displeased by our cricketing icons for having backed the government.

They were especially severe on former Indian skipper and batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar.

Many netizens labelled him a 'spineless wonder' who is ‘simply parroting the government line instead of speaking up for the farmers’. Some of them went to the extent of discrediting his cricketing credentials as well and called him a 'selfish' batsman who only played for himself not for the team.

A tongue-in-cheek tweet went particularly viral which read: "Rahul Dravid was right when he declared that day." The reference was to the Multan Test 2004 against Pakistan when Dravid had declared India's innings with Sachin stranded on 194 not-out, depriving him of a possible double century.

Some folks slammed Tendulkar for keeping mum on issues such as match-fixing in 1990s and never standing up for 'weak' and 'underprivileged' people.

For the record, Sachin Tendulkar, has been awarded the Bharat Ratna, is one of the greatest batsmen ever to have played cricket and is a true ambassador of the game.

However, since he has the spine not to toe the line of some of the naysayers, who advocate international interference into Indian internal affairs, insults have been heaped on him.


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