The south Londoners jailed in September including man who weed on train seat

These men are now behind bars <i>(Image: BTP)</i>
These men are now behind bars (Image: BTP)

It's been a busy month in the courts with a number of south Londoners now behind bars from crimes including sexual assault, kidnap and harassment.

Here’s a rundown of the criminals who have been jailed in September.

Harry Burgess

News Shopper: Harry Burgess
News Shopper: Harry Burgess

Harry Burgess (Image: BTP)

Harry Burgess, 25, urinated on a train seat, chucked the seat cushion in a man’s face and sexually assaulted a woman.

He was travelling on a train to New Eltham with friends on April 4 when he started acting up.

At one point in the journey he exposed his genitals in full view of other passengers and urinated on a seat.

He then threw the cushion at a male passenger, hitting him in the face.

Then at New Eltham station he sexually assaulted a woman as she boarded the service.

Detective Constable Matt Smart said "Burgess’ loutish and crude behaviour was humiliating and intimidating for the woman he singled out.

“He is now serving time behind bars for his pathetic attempts to impress the friends he was travelling with."

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Andrew Scott

News Shopper: Andrew Scott
News Shopper: Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott (Image: Met Police)Andrew Scott, 27, stabbed his girlfriend with a pair of scissors and used a makeshift flame-thrower to burn her.

Over the course of their six-month relationship, Scott is said to have broken his partner down until she was “a shell of a woman”.

He threatened her with violence if she didn’t carry out household tasks, stopped her from seeing friends and even forced her to take cold baths.

As he jailed Scott for four years, Judge Matthias Kelly KC said: “You abused her. You insulted her. You beat her up. You threatened her. I can only describe that as evil.”

On Christmas Eve last year the victim's sister called the police and Scott's campaign of abuse was exposed.

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Ishmael Duncan

News Shopper: Ishmael Duncan
News Shopper: Ishmael Duncan

Ishmael Duncan (Image: NCA)

Ishmael Duncan, 24, from Lambeth, posed as a model agency scout to manipulate and blackmail girls as young as nine into sending indecent photos and videos.

He pleaded guilty to 50 offences after he was identified as the person behind Snapchat accounts which coerced and threatened children into sending naked photos of themselves.

But investigators believe he contacted close to 10,000 children across the world using these accounts.

Duncan would begin by approaching victims to ask if they wanted to model for well-known fashion brands.

After building their trust he would then request topless photos on the pretext of assessing the victims’ body shape, and to use as a base for editing in potential clothes to be modelled.

Then he created another account to contact the same victims, often months later, and threatened to expose or share their photos unless they complied with his demands for more images.

On one occasion he blackmailed a 14-year-old girl with learning difficulties who sent him images, and also offered her $1,000 to engage in a sexual act with her brother.

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Simba Chani

News Shopper: Simba Chani
News Shopper: Simba Chani

Simba Chani (Image: Met Police)

Simba Chani, a 26-year-old drug dealer form Upper Sydenham, has been jailed for four years for his involvement in the sale of crack and heroin.

A court heard that Chani was involved in a county lines operation between March and December 2022.

Chani was arrested on December 27 last year on Collyer Place in Peckham.

He was found to be carrying a knife and a quantity of crack.

The court was told that Chani became the breadwinner for his family at a young age.

He had lawful employment until he suffered a workplace injury, at which point he turned to a life of drug dealing.

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Ervis Ademi

News Shopper: Ervis Ademi
News Shopper: Ervis Ademi

Ervis Ademi (Image: Met Police)

Ervis Ademi, 22, from Bromley, was among 4 people who kidnapped a man and held him against his will for 36 hours.

An Italian man in his 30s was kidnapped and held for 36 hours in a flat in Dean Road, Willesden, before being rescued at around 12.30pm on February 18 by police.

Two men had lured the victim to a bar in Cricklewood Broadway, allegedly in respect of a drug debt owed by his friend for around £40,000.

Shortly after the three men left together and they walked down Richborough Street.

They were then approached by two other men wearing balaclavas, who bundled the victim into a car and took him to their Dean Road flat.

One of the men had a knife and the victim received some cuts during the scuffle.

While the man was held in the flat, he made several phone calls to his ex-partner and to friends to try to raise funds to meet a £110,000 demand.

Police became aware of the kidnap and started an investigation, before going to the area at 2am on February 17 to watch the flat.

At around 12:30pm the next day (Feburary 18), armed police entered the flat and freed the victim, who was then taken to hospital with stab wounds, bruising and grazes.

Mariglen Elezi, 30, Hydajet Kadriu, 23, and Xhekson Malollar, 31, were jailed alongside Ademi.

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Agostine Costa

News Shopper: Agostine Costa
News Shopper: Agostine Costa

Agostine Costa (Image: Met Police)

Agostine Costa, a 31-year-old construction worker from Norbury, was jailed for harassing his ex-girlfriend who is a nurse.

Costa used over 20 different numbers to call and text his ex-girlfriend saying “I love you” and “I can’t get you out of my head”.

He also turned up outside her home and tried to get her sacked from her job.

In a statement, the victim said: “I feel on edge all the time. I will always be looking over my shoulder. I always feel like I’m being watched.”

He was lambasted by a judge who told him: “You’re not such a fabulous, wonderful, glorious person that women just can’t wait to get together with you.

"In fact, you’re the type of person that women get court orders against to get you to leave them alone because they don’t want to see you.”

He was jailed for six months.

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