This South Asian Candle Brand at Nordstrom Is the Perfect Mix of Comfort and Luxe

Something about the holiday season makes me want to buy all of the candles. Perhaps it's the golden flame's warmth and coziness, or the decadent scents that create the ambiance of your desire. Candles are a terrific way to set the mood, whether you're feeling the festive vibe of warm spices and evergreen trees or the elevated vibe of something sensual, elegant, and luxe. The perfect candle can elevate your space, adding a touch of calmness and comfort. Plus, it's such an easy and cute gift to gift to give during the holidays. As I was browsing through Nordstrom , I came across South Asian-owned candle brand Kishmish ($30) that had scents inspired by South Asian flavors and fragrances. As an Indian-American, I knew I had to try out a few.

When it comes to fragrances, I'm picky, especially for my home. I want scents that transport me to a lavish vacation, but also embrace the comfort and coziness of my home. Kishmish's candles did just that. These candles fill the room with luxurious scents that will make your space feel elevated, but they also made me nostalgic for India, my home away from home.

I tried out Gulab and Motia, and as soon as I opened the boxes, I got an instant got a whiff of the divine yet comforting fragrance. I fell in love. I honestly could not decide which one to burn first. The scents are light and not overbearing. You won't feel like you walked into Abercrombie & Fitch in the 2000s. Yet, the candles are fragrant enough to fill a room within minutes of lighting. The eight-ounce candle has a 50-hour burn time and comes in four distinct fragrances. Keep reading for my in-depth review of Gulab and Motia, and the other scents you can try out!

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