What is sound bath meditation?

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From taking a yoga class to indulging in a bubble bath, there are many ways to partake in self-care.

But another way to help combat stress is by delving into a sound bath meditative experience.

Inspired by traditions that can be traced back to ancient Tibet and Greece, a sound bath often involves gongs, drums, chimes, bells, vocal components of chanting mantras, and singing bowls.

"Not only do you feel the vibrational energy on the external, but internally the frequencies produced by certain instruments can bring healing physically, mentally and spiritually, promoting calm and peace within," explained yoga guide, sound therapist, and meditation teacher Lorna Bailey (anavrin-theyoginibear.co.uk). "A sound bath takes you on a journey through physiological, neurological and psychological states, opening the mind to a reflective open space."

For those new to sound therapy, it's important to go in with an open mind. Each session lasts between 45 and 80 minutes, with the class often themed around a specific frequency.

"During our sessions, I hold space and read the body language of every attendee, as well as reactions and auras. If someone, even one person becomes fractious, I will adjust and flow with the energy of the room, not just sit behind a gong and play," the expert shared. "It is important that this sacred experience is accessible and offered in a loving and healing way."

However, it should be noted that this form of holistic connection is not for everybody.

"The vibrations shake loose a lot of emotional debris, resulting in some forgotten issues rising to the surface," added Lorna.