Sorry, Gen Z, but I'm going to keep wearing my skinny jeans

  • Gen Z is trying to get men to stop wearing skinny jeans.

  • As someone who grew up in the mid-2000s, when skinny jeans were all the rage, this makes me mad.

  • Skinny jeans make me feel more confident and accentuate some of my best assets.

I went to high school in the mid-2000s. It was the time of the "scene kid." The hallways of my high school were filled with people wearing bright colors, heavy eyeliner, and hair that completely covered their eyes.

I grew my hair long and made sure my bangs covered most of my face, with them inching toward my jawline. Each morning before school, I painstakingly straightened my hair to make sure I got the look just right.

Another staple of a scene kid's appearance was supertight skinny jeans. I had several pairs of jeans that were several sizes too small and clung to my skin. They were so tight that they pretty much cut off circulation in my legs. I walked — well, more like waddled — through the halls of my cultureless Long Island, New York, high school proudly wearing my skinny jeans.

Now, as I approach 30, I've traded in my long, swooping hair for a buzz cut, but skinny jeans are still a staple of my wardrobe. Of course, they aren't as tight as my high-school pants, but I still love a jean that hugs my hips and never lets go — even down to my ankle.

So imagine my horror when I learned Gen Z has called for the death of skinny jeans.

I live in Brooklyn now, and all around me, I see men walking the streets in baggy pants they bought from thrift shops. They don't even care that those pants were made for people who are five or six sizes bigger than them. They don't care that they look utterly shapeless. They don't care that they are hiding some of their best assets.

But you know who does care? Me.

I'm all for wearing what you want and what makes you comfortable, but in my opinion, men just look better in tighter jeans. Why hide thighs in loose-fitting clothing? Why hide the butt you probably spent hours in the gym squatting for?

I'm not alone on this. Austin Martin on TikTok has a self-proclaimed "dad bod," which entails thick thighs and a large backside, and his comment section is filled with people telling him to wear tighter pants to show it all off. The real shame would be if he hid it all under baggy pants.

Despite my hard beliefs, I tried the new trend because I didn't want to be the grumpy millennial swearing off all things Gen Z. So I bought loose-fit pants from Urban Outfitters and corduroy pants from Target. I was hoping to feel more comfortable and less confined. But I didn't. I felt self-conscious, worried I looked like Bozo the Clown in flare pants. I also felt like I was hiding some of my best physical features.

Each time I wore the baggy pants, I ran home, ripped them off, and squeezed myself back into my tried-and-true skinny jeans. The feeling of constraint around my legs was euphoric.

So, Gen Z, you can keep wearing your loose clothing, but you'll have to pry my skinny jeans from my poorly circulated legs.

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