Sophie Turner Has Copper Hair Again And Sansa Is That You?

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Photo credit: Getty Images

There's no denying that TV has been responsible for creating some of the most in-demand hairstyles over the decades. From Jennifer Aniston's heavily layered 1990s hair in Friends, to Sarah Jessica Parker's wild and untamed blonde curls in Sex and The City, these characters have laid down some heavy hair inspiration.

In the last decade, there's been one such actress who has become instantly recognisable for her character's hair: Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark.

Just a week after Turner recently debuted her new blonde bangs, the 25-year-old actor surprised us all when she was spotted rocking copper hair at a baseball game with husband Joe Jonas.

Turner also unveiled a sneak peek of the her strawberry blonde transformation on her Instagram stories, wearing a 'Sour' t-shirt from ELLE US' May cover star Olivia Rodrigo's new album.

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This is familiar hair territory for Turner, who wore the fiery red shade as Sansa Stark throughout all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, and as Jean Grey in the X-Men series.

Turner has previously revealed (much to the surprise of GoT fans) that her natural hair colour was in fact blonde, a shade we've since become used to seeing Turner sport off-screen; 'I had to dye my hair red for Game Of Thrones because Sansa's character in the book has auburn hair and it's pretty integral to who she is as a person. It was kind of daunting but kind of exciting as well,' Turner told Hearst UK.

Turner isn't the only one to have opted for copper hair this year. From Anya Taylor Joy's 1960s ginger bob in The Queens Gambit, to Gigi Hadid's light auburn transformation, the copper hair trend is cementing itself as the summer shade of 2021.

It's clear that hair plays a big part in Turner's identity off and on screen. 'When I go back to my natural hair it's exciting to separate myself from the characters that I've played. If my hair is blonde it means Game of Thrones is over, and X-Men is over, and I feel 12 years old all over again,' said Turner.

Does this mean her return to copper is in preparation for a new character? It's pretty likely, considering it was just announced Turner will be joining the cast of true-crime series The Staircase.

Gritty drama with fantastic hair? We'll be tuning in.

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