Sony's Truly Wireless Earbuds Are on Secretly on Sale for £65 Off Right Now

Kelsey Mulvey
Photo credit: Sony

From Men's Health

  • Sony's Truly Wireless Earbuds are on sale today.
  • Typically £230, the earbuds are discounted to £164 on Amazon HERE.
  • The earbuds can hold a charge for a huge 24 hours

Working out is all fun and games until you get tangled in superfluous headphones cables mid-pushup. Trust me, I should know. Whether my smartphone flew off the elliptical or I had to pause my playlist for burpees, I cannot tell you how many times my headphones have cramped my workout routine. And if I've had these problems, I can't imagine I'm the only one.

If you, too, are trying to simplify your exercise equipment and bring the fun back into working out, look no further: Amazon is selling Sony's Truly Wireless Earbuds for under £165.

For years, Sony has been one of the most beloved headphones brands around—and its Truly Wireless pair does not disappoint. Between its 24bit audio signal processing and HD noise canceling processor, this pair will deliver that impressive sound quality Sony is known for.

With up to 24 hours of battery—and a quick charge system that will give you 90 minutes of playback after 10 minutes of charging—this pair will stay juiced up for both outdoor runs and long trips to the gym.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about Sony's earbuds is the design. Free of any superfluous cords—yes, even the one that typically connects the buds together—this pair is specifically designed to make your workout a lot easier. Simply pop in each bud and press play.

Sony's earbuds typically cost £230, and Amazon is currently taking a little over £65 0ff the asking price.

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