Something smells off in Southwold - and second home-owners are being blamed

Southwold doesn’t always smell as good as it looks (Rex)

The Suffolk seaside town of Southwold is blighted by an unsavoury stench – and second-home owners are being blamed.

It’s believed that the unwelcome odour is being caused by human waste turning septic in sewerage pipes due to a lack of regular flushing.

Local MP Thérèse Coffey urged Anglian Water to investigate following a series of complaints.

She said: “Constituents have shared their concerns with me about the continued odour in Southwold. It is not pleasant for residents or visitors, and for a town that thrives on its tourist economy it is important that Anglian Water gets a grip on the problem.”

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Anglian Water has yet to find anything “untoward” at its recycling centre however, and is now looking at the system that connects homes to sewerage plants.

While the possibility that second homes are to blame for the whiff is being investigated, Anglian Water says that this hasn’t been the case in the past.

A spokesperson said: “Our recent investigations haven’t identified any spikes in odour or unusual smells coming from [the Southwold water recycling centre] itself.

“That’s why we’ve extended the search to monitor any odours coming from the surrounding sewer network in an effort to pinpoint the source of any smells.”