Solid gold 'Castello CUBE' exhibited at Venice Biennale

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Niclas Castello/Sandra Mika/Cover Images

The Castello CUBE is a unique artwork that features the most gold ever put into a piece of art.

The cube, made by Niclas Castello, is being exhibited at the Venice Biennale, where visitors who respected security precautions could marvel at it for a few hours near the Ca' di Dio on 21 April 2022. It is made of 24-carat, 999.9 fine gold, and weighs 186 kilos.

During its time in Venice, children carefully touched the surface; groups of people took cheerful selfies, and art experts discussed the expressiveness and effects of the object.

Art historian Dr. Dieter Buchhart said: "The CUBE is a conceptual work that seems to have arrived from another world and is now standing on the cobbles of Venice, without a pedestal."

The Castello CUBE will never be sold or owned so Castello will make no money from the work. The artwork is exhibited in public places so that it is accessible to everyone and people have the opportunity to rediscover art in the open space.

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