"Soldier, You Are Injured..." U.S. Army Unveil Smart Uniforms With Programmable Fibre

The U.S. Army is creating smart uniforms that can transmit whether the soldier is dying. Army-funded research has resulted in programmable fibre that could transmit data from military uniforms, alerting to an injury or presence of harmful toxins. Researchers at the army’s institute for soldier nanotechnologies at the Massachusetts institute of technology, developed the first fibre with digital capabilities. The fibre can sense, store, analyse & infer activity when sewn into a piece of clothing. The programmable fibre is thin & flexible & can pass through a needle & be sewn into fabrics “This groundbreaking research, with other research underway at the ISN, could revolutionize soldier uniforms,” said Dr. James Burgess, ISN program manager for the u.S. Army combat capabilities development command.

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