The sold out Skims bras have finally been restocked for the first time in six months

skims bra restock
The sold out Skims bra has finally been restocked.

After testing our patience for six months, SKIMS has finally restocked the entire size range of their bestselling bras for the first time since launching in September.

The SKIMS bra collection includes a range of bras that have been designed to not just fit every body, but fit them in an extraordinarily flattering and comforting way. In fact, they proudly call themselves 'the most comfortable bra you'll ever wear'.

The four most popular SKIMS bra collections are:

  1. The Naked Collection: Think full coverage and full comfort, with no wires and a material that moulds to your body.

  2. The No Show Collection: Say goodbye to bra lines with the silky mesh that doesn't show under clothes.

  3. The Weightless Collection: The cult-favourite bra that feels (almost) totally weightless.

  4. Fits Everybody Collection: The bra that took TikTok by storm, made with a buttery soft material with lots of stretch.

Launching in 2019, SKIMS is best known for their shape wear, but have since launched sleepwear, swim, bodysuits, underwear, and of course, bras, to rave reviews from customers.

Our picks from the Skims bra restock

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