Sofia Vergara delivers Golden Buzzer to incredible AGT act you need to see

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Sofia Vergara finally found an act incredible enough to persuade her to hit the Golden Buzzer on the latest installment of America's Got Talent.

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That honor ultimately went to the Mayyas, a dance troupe out of Lebanon consisting of a large group of women who brought their unique flair of Middle Eastern dance.

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The group's choreographer revealed that the inspiration for their audition was Jane Marczewski aka Nightbirde, the breakout star from the show's previous season.

"When she said, 'we can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before we decide to be happy'... seeing the Mayyas on America's Got Talent is the most beautiful feeling I've ever felt," he shared.

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When asked by Sofia why they came to the show, the lead dancer replied: "Lebanon is a very beautiful country. But we live a daily struggle. Unfortunately being a dancer as a female Arab is not fully supported yet," eventually breaking into tears and being supported by the room.

Before beginning their performance, they even stated they wanted to "hypnotize" the judges, asking for them to huddle in closer to each other for the best experience.

They then presented a truly show-stopping routine consisting of several visual illusions created with the help of their numerous synchronized hand gestures.

The Mayyas received Sofia's coveted Golden Buzzer

The judges were left in complete awe during the performance, unable to react beyond exclamations and the occasion "wow," ending with a standing ovation from the entire studio.

"There are no words to explain to you what we were feeling over here. It was the most beautiful, creative dancing I've ever seen," Sofia gushed at the end of the performance.

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Her fellow judge Simon Cowell even delivered exceptionally high praise, saying that it was likely "the best dance act they will have ever seen on the show."

Sofia led the vote by first saying: "I would be so honored to empower you even more in this journey because you deserve it, and I want to be part of this."

She then hit the golden buzzer, leaving the entire room in a joyous fit of applause and tears, even making her way to the stage to hug the performers.

The buzzer act was teased earlier on social media

The news was teased by Sofia on her social media shortly before the episode was slated to air, with her posting a photograph alongside the caption: "Guess [whose] turn it is to hit the golden buzzer tonight? #agt"

Simon revealed that it was her turn to hit the buzzer even earlier in the day, teasing the episode with a still from the season and writing: "Hope you enjoy @AGT tonight. A very special Golden Buzzer from @sofiavergara."

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