How to give your sofa a seasonal refresh

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Photo credit: Simon Bevan
Photo credit: Simon Bevan

The sofa is usually one of the flagship elements of a living room. Essential to our comfort when we want to cosy up with a good book or watch a film with the family, it is also one of the first pieces of furniture your guests will see when they visit your home.

Although, a sofa can typically last between seven and 15 years, signs of wear can appear before then, especially if you have children or pets.

Plus, once the days get lighter and warmer, it can be nice to change the look of your sofa to create a summery atmosphere in your living room and make you feel as if you are on holidays.

So, whether your sofa is in need of a makeover or you're looking for some easy decorating ideas for a seasonal refresh, we've asked Good Housekeeping's Style and Interiors Director, Sarah Keady, to help inspire you and share her advice.

In the picture below, we've used our elegant GH100 DFS sofa, which launched last year, to demonstrate how you can easily change its look with a few styling tips and instantly elevate your space.

Photo credit: Simon Bevan,
Photo credit: Simon Bevan,

Add stripes for a coastal feel

If you want to summer-ify your sofa, give it a coastal feel with stripes, ticking and ombre patterns - keeping to a clean palette of blue and white evocative of the sea and sky.

Bring in natural woods and plants to connect it to nature and add a pop of zesty yellow or coral to give it a fun twist.

Photo credit: Simon Bevan
Photo credit: Simon Bevan

Introduce velvet to your living room

Velvet is an increasingly popular material. It's naturally luxurious and looks at its best when mixed with other tactile fabrics such as boucle, waffle, weaves and faux fur.

The combination of these fabrics will keep your sofa soft and sumptuous in look and feel.

Fabric swaps for every season

Think of your sofa in much the same way as your bed by giving it a seasonal update with textiles.

In the summer refresh it with crisp linen cushions and lightweight cotton throws and pack away those other chunky accessories until next year.

Photo credit: Simon Bevan
Photo credit: Simon Bevan

Layering with cushions and throws

It's amazing how you can instantly change the look and feel of your sofa by adding new cushions and throws. You can go one step further by introducing different plants and rugs for a bigger makeover.

Experiment with lighting

Although lighting is often overlooked, it remains a crucial feature in the living room.

Think about how you use your space in the evenings. For example, you might need an armchair with task lighting for a cosy look, or you might prefer a large pendant for family gatherings, and there's also the option of introducing floor and wall lights for illuminating key spaces. Whatever you chose to do, it will also change the look and feel of your sofa, so do experiment with what works best in your home.

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