Social media reacts to Don Cherry's firing

Ailish Forfar
NHL Editor

Don Cherry has officially been fired from his role at Sportsnet after racist comments on Saturday night.

After his divisive remarks this weekend, Cherry did not apologize, even after Sportsnet issued a statement and co-host Ron MacLean took responsibility for his role in the matter. The outpouring of complaints to the Canada Broadcast Standards Council was enough to overload their online forum and they were unable to take any more.

Sportsnet released the following statement announcing Cherry stepped down, although Cherry confirmed to Joe Warmington of The Toronto Sun that he was indeed fired.

Don Cherry was trending on social media basically since Saturday evening and hockey fans took to Twitter once again on Monday once the firing was announced. The general temperature is that his termination was long overdue after a history of racist, discriminatory and outlandish comments.

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