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Price drop! The soap-dispensing sponge holder that 'makes washing dishes less annoying' is now $8

If you're like us, you wish to spend less time washing dishes. And you likely aspire to minimize clutter too. (We all do.) Well, we've found a gizmo that helps with both: a soap-dispensing sponge holder! And it's on sale for just $8 (was $9) at Amazon. Rather than leaving your sad little sponge sitting wet in the sink, let it rest on this handy dispenser. When you need it, simply press it to pump suds up to your scrubber. This brings an end to your daily fumble with that cumbersome, slippery dish soap bottle once and for all.

Simply press down to dispense the perfect amount of soap onto your sponge. According to 19,000+ five-star fans, this kitchen helper saves time, space and soap.
$8 at Amazon

Save, save, save

If you think we sound excited, there are 19,000-plus five-star Amazon reviewers who've tried and love it. For it saves them time, soap, space, money and headache.

"My favorite kitchen gadget," writes a happy shopper. "I love using this dispenser. Quick, easy and works for me."

Another enthused: "Saves wasted soap by dispensing a small amount onto the sponge. It is quick access and easy to use for a few dishes."

Loads of reviewers call it a "must have," "a game changer" and a "kitchen essential." But one deadpan fan framed their adoration a bit differently: "Makes washing dishes less annoying." Isn't that the main goal here, people?

"Is this a kitchen necessity?" they continued, "No. Does it make dishwashing much easier? Yes...Not having to constantly re-apply soap to my sponge via the bottle is a convenience I appreciate! Just a little push down and bam, soaped up. Also, having a good spot to keep my sponge between uses so it doesn’t get lost in dirty dishes or water all over the counter is quite wonderful! I highly recommend this product!!"

Hand on sponge pressing down on soap dispenser
Streamline your dishwashing routine with this handy soap-dispensing sponge holder. (Photo: Amazon)

A true kitchen hero

Some shoppers don't just want easier-to-use items, they need it. Readers with grip problems or painful hands say this clever sponge-soaper-upper, which holds up to 13 oz, has proved to be a real help as it requires just one hand and a gentle tap.

"I have arthritis and it is hard for me to hold a regular dish soap bottle," wrote a five-star reviewer. "This soap dispenser has made it so much easier for me!"

A very grateful fan, who included photos, wrote: "I love this product and ordered a second one for my mom. The ability to load the sponge with soap with one hand is very helpful for her because she has limited use of one hand due to a stroke. The product came with an extra pump, a sponge and the container. It was very easy to assemble and fill. The pump reaches way down to the very bottom of the container assuring it’ll use all of the soap before it needs to be refilled. The sponge is actually very cool because it causes the soap to get really sudsy."

Beyond the kitchen sink

It's not just for your kitchen at home, either.

"Where was this when my boys were little?" wrote a five-star fan, "Total game changer. It has saved me so much dish liquid in the last 3 to 4 months my first one was in the kitchen that I am adding one to the bathroom for easy cleanup and if I had a laundry room I would add as well as a quick spot clean station good job."

Another who bought a second one wrote: "It was inexpensive enough to buy for the office which has a tight kitchen space. It avoids having to have both a sponge tray and the soap bottle."

Simply press down to dispense the perfect amount of soap onto your sponge. According to 19,000+ five-star fans, this kitchen helper saves time, space and soap.
$8 at Amazon

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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