Snowflake Mountain viewers have same complaint about Netflix reality series

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Netflix's new reality show, Snowflake Mountain, landed on the streaming service this week and some viewers have taken to Twitter to complain about the series.

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The eight-parter focuses on a group of spoiled and clueless millennials who are sent to a wilderness survival retreat by their friends and family in the hopes that they'll learn how to stand on their own two feet.

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Over the course of the eight episodes, the contestants take part in a series of challenges, including swimming across a lake to retrieve a bag of food floating on a raft, learning to make a fire and how to skin a deer, in an attempt to win the $50,000 cash prize.

Netflix users who tuned in to watch the programme pointed out that the survival retreat was more like "glamping" with the contestants provided with tents and "ready-made food".

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One person wrote: "The hilarious thing about #SnowflakeMountain is that these kids are basically glamping… they have makeshift cabins, beds, showers, a bathroom, and ready-made food. LOL what hardship," while another added: "Watching #SnowflakeMountain on Netflix. This little camping trip isn't even that bad. They get fancy tents and heat at night. These people are such babies."


One viewer compared the survival retreat to "glamping"

A third viewer tweeted: "So these kids get a great trip into the wilderness with tents, food and alcohol provided and hate it. Until the $50,000 is mentioned."

However, many viewers also took to Twitter to praise the hilarious yet uplifting series, with many pleasantly surprised by the show. 
One person wrote: "Aw this show is so wholesome, came for the drama/laughs and stayed for the actual growth and journey of the contestants. Love it and it's still funny," while another commented: "@netflix #SnowflakeMountain is way better than I thought it would be. Went into it hesitant and the characters are growing on me. I think all entitled 'kids' should be put through this test."


The contestants face a series of challenges in the show

A third viewer tweeted: "When I pushed play on #SnowflakeMountain on @netflix I honestly thought it was a show bashing young 'woke' adults, but it turned out to be a very inspirational journey for the 20-somethings involved. In the end, the cast and hosts found a mutual respect for one another [and] common ground."

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