‘SNL’ Nails Jada Pinkett Smith’s 1 Personality Trait That Rubs Many The Wrong Way

Jada Pinkett Smith is many things — an actor, talk show host, and even the former lead singer of a nu metal band. But one thing she certainly is not is a straight shooter.

On the most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,Ego Nwodim pegged Pinkett Smith’s tendency to spin the truth by portraying the “Girls Trip” star as slightly more forthright.

And a more straightforward Pinkett Smith — who’s devoid of cryptic or “flowery” explanations and cutesy euphemisms that leaves one’s brain entangled in confusion — made for a very humorous portrait of a woman who never really cuts to the chase.

“Sorry if I seem a little tired,” Nwodim’s Pinkett Smith told Michael Che during the sketch show’s “Weekend Update” segment. “I’ve been on the ‘Today’ show 14 times in three days.”

This honest explanation as to why Pinkett Smith may look exhausted after her recent week-and-a-half media blitz to peddle her new memoir “Worthy” is extremely refreshing.

Nwodim’s more blunt portrayal is even funnier when her version of Pinkett Smith begins to explain excerpts from “Worthy” about her unconventional and messy relationship with husband Will Smith — which the real Pinkett Smith focused on during her promotional tour.

“The day we got married, I knew there was gonna be trouble. At our wedding, someone stood up and objected,” Nwodim’s Pinkett Smith told Che.

“Who was it?” Che asked.

“It was me,” Nwodim’s Pinkett Smith casually responded.

But Nwodim didn’t stop there. As Pinkett Smith, she also revealed the secret to a successful marriage is to “never go to bed happy” and that, despite her rocky relationship with Smith, she’s currently in a good place.

“Nothing makes me feel stronger than publicly cucking my millionaire husband,” Nwodim shared.

Nwodim’s Pinkett Smith also throws in some of the “Red Table Talk’’ host’s euphemisms. When Che asked Nwodim about Pinkett Smith’s decision to describe her relationship with Smith as “brutiful” (meaning “brutal” and “beautiful”) in her book, Nwodim responded with: “Yup, uh-huh, and other people describe it as ‘brunhealthy.’”

But the true chef’s kiss of Nwodim’s portrayal is when her version of Pinkett Smith tries to abruptly shift the conversation away from her and Smith’s marriage to her second-favorite topicTupac.

To see Nwodim’s hilarious skewering of Pinkett Smith for yourself, check out the video above.