‘Sneaky’ viral TikTok hack shows how to see who is super-into your Instagram Stories

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 (TikTok / @thatcoachmike)
(TikTok / @thatcoachmike)

A TikTok hack showing a very sneaky way to see who’s super into your Instagram Stories is going viral.

The tip was shared by a TikTok user named Mike, who goes by the username @thatcoachmike on the app, where he has more than 495,000 followers and describes himself as “your social media coach”.

In the video, Mike began by explaining that the hack shows “how to check who’s interested in your personal life on Instagram,” before using a photo of a bouquet of flowers as an example.

Mike then outlined how Instagram users can use the social media platform’s poll feature to find out who is clicking on the users they tag in their Stories.

According to Mike, the hack entails first writing the username of the person you want to tag in the “no” section of the poll prompt, and then dragging the question and answer portion to the side of your Stories so that just the username is visible.

By hiding the other portion of the feature, it makes it appear like you have just tagged another Instagram user, but in reality, the hack will allow a user to see who has clicked on the name written on their Stories.

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While the clip has been viewed more than 4.9m times, people are divided in the comments about whether the tip is actually worth using or not - as followers who do end up clicking on the button will know.

“But then they click and they realise what you did, now you are the one that looks desperate,” one person commented.

Another said: “A girl did this with her boyfriend’s @ and I clicked it and I felt more embarrassed for HER than for me.”

However, others were intrigued by the tip, with many revealing that they planned to try it out for themselves.

“This is so sneaky I LOVE IT,” someone else commented, while another wrote: “Toxic advice but a really good one.”

There were also those who revealed that they make sure they don’t find themselves on the list by memorising the username tagged and then manually typing it into Instagram’s search, while others pointed out that you can see how many people clicked on a person tagged if your Instagram is switched to a business account.

Mike has also shared other “secret” tips for using Instagram, including one that allows you to see who an account has followed most recently by simply using the web version of Instagram.

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