Snappy birthday! Elvis the crocodile celebrates 57th year with massive treat

Australian Reptile Park/Cover Images

Elvis, the Australian Reptile Park's world-famous crocodile, has celebrated his 57th birthday.

Elvis stunned visitors with his almighty strength when keepers gave the 4.75-metre croc a quarter of a cow for his milestone birthday during his show.

The 500kg beast charged at keepers to claim the cow as his own then performed the world-famous "death roll" to amazed onlookers. Elvis's birthday comes just weeks after his major dental operation.

After operations manager, Billy Collett, noticed a problematic tooth showing signs of infection, the reptiles team at the park jumped into action to catch Elvis and perform a health check on the tooth to ensure he stays fit and healthy.

During the operation, not one, but three infected teeth were removed. Since the surgery, Elvis has been happily swimming around his enclosure and making the most of the sunshine by sunbaking on the grass.

The reptiles team has also been checking up on Elvis to make sure his jaw is healing nicely, and that there are no signs of infection. After such an ordeal, Elvis got a lovely birthday treat in the form of a cow carcass.

Staff watched in amazement as Elvis played a quick game of tug of war with three of the reptile keepers.

Head of reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park, Jake Meney, said: "It's not easy playing tug-of-war with a half-tonne animal like Elvis! I always feel the burn in my arms in the days afterwards and since his birthday last year, he's only gotten stronger."