Snake and chips! Boa constrictor found outside McDonald's

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RSPCA/Cover Images

A stray boa constrictor has been rescued by the RSPCA after being found outside a West Sussex McDonald's restaurant amid the recent heatwave in the U.K.

When a shocked local resident spotted the snake outside the fast-food restaurant on Oldlands Way in Bognor Regis, they thought it was a native adder which had been injured in a traffic accident. They passed the poor animal over to the McDonald's staff who contained him in a box and then reported the incident to the RSPCA.

Arriving at the site, RSPCA Inspector Hannah Nixon said: "Based on the report that was phoned in, I was expecting an adder - which is a fairly common native British snake.

"But when I peeked in the box, I was confronted with a full 5ft of boa constrictor - an exotic, non-native snake and not what I was expecting at all! The poor animal did look like he had been in the wars a bit, with a few scratches and cuts, so I have taken the boa to our Stubbington Ark animal centre in Fareham, Hampshire, to get him checked out.

"Snakes become particularly active in hot weather, so we suspect this may be an escaped pet. We are hoping to reunite him with his owners, so would urge anyone with information to contact us on 0300 123 0818."

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