Smeg is launching a 10-in-1 countertop oven – we're hailing it a hero for smaller households

 Picture of new cream 10-in-1 Smeg countertop oven on a kitchen worktop beside a kitchen sink.
Credit: Smeg

The geniuses at Smeg have been busy again, and this time they've created a new countertop oven that will rival air fryers everywhere in not only function but style too. 

When it comes to the latest appliance trends there are certain brands we look towards to lead the charge and Smeg is without a doubt one of them.

After the recent release of the desirable Smeg portable induction hob, it's no secret that they aren't afraid to try something new with the appliances and keep raising the bar with their quality materials.

This time, it's a 10-in-1 multifunction Smeg countertop oven which seems like it might just take the market by storm when it releases on the 18th of July. But what's so exciting about it and what can it do?  (What can't it do more like)...

New launch: Smeg Countertop Oven

Smeg mini oven in black
Smeg mini oven in black

Smeg 10-in-1 Multifunction Countertop Oven

RRP: £849.95 | Available to buy on the Smeg site on July 18th, this countertop oven will singlehandedly answer all of your cooking needs. With its vast list of cooking functions and iconic smeg style, your kitchen will become your new favourite restaurant.

If you're guilty of not yet owning one of the best air fryers on the market then you'll be happy to hear that appliance experts at Smeg have crept onto the scene with their countertop oven.

Retailing at £849.95, the Smeg 10-in-1 Multifunction countertop oven is here to offer more bang for your book whilst not sacrificing style. Let's be honest, bulky airfryers aren't exactly the easiest thing to style when organising your countertops, so an appliance that also looks good is always a win in our books.

Aesthetic aside, what can this machine offer you in terms of cooking power and overall performance? Smeg says, "Capable of ten impressive foodie functions from steaming to grilling, this ever-so-cute culinary superstar will transform a kitchen without the worktop clutter of multiple appliances." Ideal to help keep counters clear in small kitchens.

Smeg mini oven
Smeg mini oven

It uses less energy than other similar appliances but will deliver faster cooking times, which if you're trying to save on your electric bill will be music to your ears. Now we know this isn't truly the end for some of our favourite Ninja Air fryers, as they allow us to cook high quantities of food quickly. But Smeg's offering is ideal for those short on space.

This oven is made to function best for couples, smaller families, solo residents and even renters. Should you live in a smaller household, perhaps you're already wondering how to organise your small kitchen, then investing in energy-efficient compact appliances like this can make life much easier.

Even if you're not big into cooking, the oven can offer you access to 33 built-in recipes, including meat and fish dishes, vegetable prep, desserts, bread and pizza. You simply have to input the weight of what is in the oven and the appliance does the rest by calculating what exact time and temperature it'll need to be cooked at.

smeg mini oven open
smeg mini oven open

So where does the 10-in-1 come from then? Well, that's the 10 various cooking settings you can use from either the traditional menu or the steam menu, that's right there's even a steam menu.

The traditional menu comprises of the following: Baking, convection ideal for potatoes, grilling and gratin for that perfect bubbling dish, bottom meaning pizza bases or tarts will be crisped from the underneath, air frying, warming and defrosting.

If you want to utilise the steam menu, there's pure steam which is a great alternative to boiling on the hob and it uses 100% steam to cook, or conventional steam ideal for meat roasting and finally grill steam which smeg recommends using with pork chops or sausages.

All in all, there seems to be nothing this small yet mighty appliance can't do. And whilst the price tag is a little eye-watering, if you're looking for an easy-to-use intuitive appliance that will make dinner time stress-free then look no further.

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