This Smarties Easter Egg Has Mini Smarties Stuffed In The Chocolate

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: @well_this_is_new_
Photo credit: @well_this_is_new_

From Delish

Easter eggs have really gone up a gear in 2021. They were great in 2020 – they always are – but this year, it’s like chocolate brands understand what a tough year we’ve had, so are really upping their games to give us a treat.

The latest extravagant Easter egg that’s caught our eye is this Smarties Mini Eggs one. Unlike a lot of regular Easter eggs, which have a milk chocolate egg, and then packets of the chocolate or sweets they’re based on separately in the box, this bad boy has Smarties embedded in the actual chocolate of the egg.

And you know what that means, don’t you? The chocolate must be extra thick to accommodate all those Smarties!

We saw this wonderful Easter egg on @well_this_new_’s Instagram after it was spotted on Morrison’s shelves. It’ll set you back £10.

Another Easter egg with smashing (literally) stuff embedded is this Mini Eggs one.

It’s thanks to @helenjtea that we know about it after she shared photos and even videos of the egg on Instagram.

She said in the caption that this particular Easter egg is probably twice the size of any Mini Eggs Easter egg she’s seen in the past. FINE BY US!

According to the post, you can get your hands on one of these mammoth eggs from Tesco.

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