Smarties Chocolate Bars Are Finally Back And They Look Better Than Ever

Anna Lewis
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Photo credit: @kevssnackreviews
Photo credit: @kevssnackreviews

From Delish

If there’s one thing getting us through this particularly glum start to the year, it’s new chocolate launches.

Last week we had the new Peanut Butter Snickers to get excited about, as well as the KitKat Zebra bars, which look utterly outrageous!

But as we head into the second week of February, we find ourselves losing it over these Smarties chocolate bars!

A few years back, Smarties launched chocolate bars stuffed with mini Smarties. But, alas, they just sort-of stopped showing up on supermarket shelves and in corner shops. But now they’re back and they’re better than ever!

Thanks to a number of posts on Instagram, we know that these delicious sharing bars of chocolate crammed full of tasty Smarties are back in town. But, unlike last time when the bars were only available in milk and white chocolate, you can now buy orange chocolate versions of the bars!

Alongside a photo of the Orange Smarties bar, @kevssnackreviews said: “This is milk chocolate filled with mini orange smarties, which are of course the best sort of Smarties!

“I like the block designs of these bars... but have to say this Milk choc variety didn’t wow me as much as I expected. The milk chocolate just doesn’t taste as good as the white version. However the orange Smarties lift it with bursts of orangey flavour and crunch.

“Overall, nice enough but the white chocolate one is the one I’ll be buying again!”

He added that you can pick up a bar from Asda for just £1. Count us in for one bar of each flavour!

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