Small Bathroom Ideas For Your Tiny Rented Flat

Jess Commons

It's no secret that city living means compromising on space, and no space is more scrimped on than the bathroom.

Of course, sacrificing square footage to more lived-in rooms like bedrooms and living rooms makes sense when you're building a house, but after a few months of actually using said bathroom, the novelty of being able to flush the loo while you sit in the bath is going to wear very thin indeed.

Annoyingly, most online articles about dealing with small bathrooms include non-rental-friendly tips like "add in a skylight" and "install a half-size bath", which is all well and good if you own your place and have a spare couple of grand lying around but what about renters who fear the simple drilling of a hole in the wall?

Here, we've tried to give you renters with tiny bathrooms a few tips to help you make the place look bigger and more user-friendly, without pissing off your landlord. Click through to see.

Get high

The more wall space you can use as storage in small rooms, the better. More floor space makes the place look bigger, even if it's smaller than an ant's thumbnail. So you're going to want your storage system using as much of the room's height as possible.

Ideally, you'd hang slim storage units like this but, seeing as you've got a landlord to think of, consider instead this super tall set of shelves (Rockett St. George, £99) which don't take up huge amounts of floor space. Or, for a more minimal option, choose this IKEA set (£90).

Suction everything

One advantage when it comes to bathrooms is that the tiled walls make an excellent way to hang things without sticking a great big nail in your wall that might cost you your deposit (true story: using toothpaste to fill a hole may seem like a great idea for a last-minute fix, but your landlord will notice).

This mirror (£23.95, homeArama) suctions to your tiles but also uses a magnet to help you move it around easily. In the shower, a few of these corner shelves make for a great storage system for shampoo and the rest (£14, Hurn and Hurn).

These IKEA hooks(£5.50), which also come in white, will be useful for everything from hanging towels, washcloths and other light things (NB: not to be used to hang anything heavy like mirrors, obvs).

Lean in

Furniture that leans against the wall ticks off two boxes in your small bathroom debacle. For starters, it doesn't take up very much space, and secondly, it doesn't need attaching to a wall.

This towel ladder (£80 from Umbra) is sturdy enough to chuck everything from towels to clothes on, meaning your floor will stay clear of clutter. This version, from Habitat (£85.50), comes with a mirror and a shelf as well, meaning you can do away with other space-stealing furniture.

Hang in there

Another way to cheat on floor space is to suspend stuff from the ceiling, from the doors, from the shower head... whatever anchor you can find.

This shelf (Urban Outfitters, £49) hooks onto the radiator or the side of your sink and serves as extra storage space, or as somewhere to put the bits that normally clutter the basin – soaps, toothbrushes and the like.

Meanwhile, an over-the-door set of hooks (£16, Urban Outfitters) is sturdier than a screw-in set and saves on drilling holes. Hang these storage baskets from it (IKEA, £15).

Even your bath can be a place to hang storage. This bath rack (Trouva, £199.95) will serve as a delightful book and wine glass-holder while you're in the bath, but for the rest of the time, use it to display your fanciest shampoos and bath oils.

Plant life

Plants cover up any number of sins. Get yourself a big enough palm and no one is going to waste time looking at the sad mildew stains on your shower curtain.

But where to put them?

These cute suction planters (£15, Trouva) will stick right to your tiles and hold your aloe vera or your ferns (both good in humidity). This planter is on a stand, which frees up floor space and stops dead water getting trapped underneath (Not On The High Street, £96).

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