Slumberland viewers have a surprising favourite character in the Netflix movie

netflix's slumberland fans have a surprising favourite character in the movie
Slumberland fans' surprising favourite characterNetflix

Netflix's newest kids movie Slumberland tells the story of a young girl called Nemo (not related to the fish) who discovers a secret map into the dreamworld of Slumberland, and there, along with the help of an eccentric outlaw (played by Jason Momoa), she embarks on a mission to try and see her late father once again.

Slumberland only dropped on Netflix last week (18th November) and yet it's already in the number one spot in the Top 10, with everyone from kids to adults (ourselves included) becoming obsessed with the movie.

With an impressive cast of Jason Momoa, Chris O'Dowd, Marlow Barkley, Kyle Chandler and Weruche Opia, fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to their pick for favourite character. And yet, for the majority of Slumberland fans, none of these actors or their characters are the top choice, in fact it appears from social media, everyone's favourite character is - Pig.

netflix's slumberland fans have a surprising favourite character in the movie

Yep, that's right, Nemo's stuffed pig, known simply as Pig, has clearly become the fan favourite. In Slumberland Pig begins as Nemo's cuddly toy, however as the movie progresses and they enter Slumberland, Pig magically comes to life and can be seen accompanying Nemo on her adventures with Flip.

A number of people on Twitter have been tweeting about their love for Pig, saying how cute he is with one person even going so far as to say: "[I] would die for Pig from #Slumberland."

Another said: "Pig is adorable #Slumberland"

And another said: "I'm crying the pig in Slumberland is so cute."

Netflix has been selling the stuffed toy version of Pig on the official Netflix store for £23.00, however, Slumberland fans are so obsessed with Pig that the toy has already sold out.

But don't give up hope of owning your own Pig, as viewers can still enter their email address here to be notified when more stock comes in.

I'll definitely be adding my name, have you seen how cute Pig is?

Slumberland is available on Netflix now.

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