Go slow in the shower and enjoy the beauty benefits

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Take time to unwind the next time you step into the shower and enjoy the beauty benefits.

It's easy to spend our days rushing to the next task and feeling frazzled by the evening but tuning into the laidback Nordic lifestyle could work wonders on skin and hair.

Danish holistic expert Line Friis has shared her self-care shower rituals using Urtekram’s new Tune In Soothing Lavender range, which includes shampoo, conditioner and body wash.


“Create a strong foam by rubbing the shampoo in your hands before applying to hair, this is better for the hair and makes it easier to wash out,” Line explained. “Always wash your hair twice to make sure all of the styling products are out. Allow the shampoo to rest in the hair for a minute or two for the aroma to soak deeper.

“For a tousled look for longer hair, comb your hair while the conditioner is soaking in. When you’re finished, simply rinse the conditioner out and dry your hair as usual. Avoid brushing the hair anymore to create a nice beachy look.”

Line also recommends a restorative head massage to stimulate hair growth and ease any tension in your head, neck or shoulders while the conditioner works its magic.

“Take a firm grip of all the hair and gather it to the top of the head as high as it goes. Twist it around to create a bun and continue to twist the bun until you can feel the stretch in your scalp,” she said. “Hold the twist with your arm and stretch to one side and hold the position. Relax your shoulders and breathe through the nose. Slowly roll your neck forward and change your hands to the opposite side and repeat the process.”

If you are feeling tense or frustrated, give this a try:

“Place your palms on the top of your ears with elbows to the side. Press as hard as you can and release slowly. Repeat three times,” Line explained. “This will help the pressure points above the ears which link to the liver and gallbladder and are connected to feelings of anger, irritation, etc. This is particularly useful when you need to relax. Afterward, move your hands up and down on the sides of your hair to invigorate the scalp.”

Once your hair is squeaky clean, focus on the rest of your body. Choose your body wash carefully depending on your mood, if you feel stressed or need to unwind try relaxing lavender. For an energy boost in the morning, opt for a citrus-scented wash.

“Rub your body wash in your hands to create a foam before you use it and take a moment to breathe in the scent,” Line added. “Ninety per cent of all of your energy comes from inhalation and 70 per cent of all the toxins in the body are released through exhalations. It’s important to take deep breaths.

“You can also bring aromatherapy into the bathroom by hanging fresh herbs from the showerhead such as lavender sprigs. Not only will this smell good, but it will look nice too.”