Skittles issues statement after Harry Styles hit in eye with sweet during concert

Skittles has issued a statement after Harry Styles was reportedly hit by several of the sweets during a concert this week.

In videos of the incident, which took place at the singer’s Los Angeles concert on Monday (14 November), Styles was seen clutching his eye after being pelted with the sweets.

Fans reported that the 28-year-old continued to rub or touch his eye for the remainder of the show following the incident.

Now, the Skittles Twitter account has issued a statement about the incident.

“Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles,” a tweet read.

One Twitter user replied, calling the sweet brand “public enemy number one”, to which the user running the Skittles account jokingly replied: “I had nothing to do with that incident.”

Another user said: “Not just Skittles, don’t throw anything at your favorite artist’s face! You’re at a concert, enjoy the songs and the vibe and sing along, you don’t necessarily need to get his attention by hurting him.”

A third said: “What if Harry wanted to taste the rainbow?”, to which the Skittles account replied: “There are safer ways to do this.”

Fans were quick to react to the incident after videos of the sweet being thrown began circulating.

One person tweeted: “Some of you never learned basic human respect. Like can you all STOP throwing stuff at him.”

Another said: “Are you guys f***ing stupid? In what world is that okay?”

It’s not the first time Styles has been hit by an object during one of his live shows. The singer was previously hit in the groin by a bottle thrown from the crowd during an Ottawa concert.

Styles was recently nominated for a Grammy for Album of the Year with his third album, Harry’s House.