Skill School: Upgrade Your Bodyweight Workouts With Butterfly Pull-Ups

<span class="caption">Upgrade Your Pull-Ups To Top Level For Elite Speed</span>
Upgrade Your Pull-Ups To Top Level For Elite Speed

As we said in Part One of this guide to getting the hang of different pull-up variations, this is not a commentary on which movement is better or worse. In fact, it should be viewed as just that: a different movement. Strict pull-ups have their purpose, kipping pull-ups have their place.

In this video, the MH Elite coach, founder of Battle Cancer, Nike Trainer and general polymath of fitness that is Scott Britton takes you to the final level - the butterfly pull-up. Rhythmic, skilful and easily repeatable once you get it, the butterfly will make you feel like you're floating like one.

Follow Scott's three-pronged approach to drilling the movement, then start practicing. We certainly will be. See you in the sky.

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