Skating accident results in painful foot injury


Story and video from SWNS

This skating fail results in a graphic foot injury for an unfortunate boarder, who filmed himself performing skateboard stunts at a park in Burton, Derbyshire.

During a botched jump he lands his foot on the ground in place of the board and breaks it. The video shows the skater writhing in pain as his mangled foot is seen bent in the opposite direction.

Ed Quigley, a 24-year-old magician from Birmingham said: ''I was enjoying a happy and healthy days skate.

"I was trying flips because the park was full of small fast kickers that give you extra time in the air, I was dreaming really but wanted to focus on trying to style them out.

"Eventually after nearly rolling away from one on this particular flat top ramp I planted my foot on the ground instead of the board, and you can see in the video my body keeps going and the foot just doesn't.

"I was wearing some shoes that I hadn't skated in for a while and I guess they have grip.

"It didn't hurt immediately but I could feel something was wrong.

"Then the ambulance got there they tried to straighten it out which hurt like hell. And didn't work.

"I don't mind talking about it, it's pretty funny. But looking at it properly makes me sick.

"I was really well taken care of by the wonderful NHS, god knows I felt guilty about being there in the first place, but they assured me it had been really quiet in the fracture section, so I wasn't too much of a pain."

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