Size 4 model goes viral on TikTok for calling out casting team who told her to lose weight

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Photo credit: TikTok/annavgantt
Photo credit: TikTok/annavgantt

A model living in New York City has gone viral on TikTok for calling out a casting team who told her to lose weight to get a job. Size 4 model Anna Gant shared her emotional experience with her 125.3k TikTok followers, and her video has since racked up over 17 million views.

Speaking to her followers, Anna (who goes by @annavgantt on the social media platform), said: "These are days that I f*****g hate being a model, because I am never good enough."

Commenting on what she'd been told by the shoot's casting team, she revealed "They said 'You're not waify enough. We want to see your bones. The shoot is in early December, you can lose some weight'." The 22-year-old added that, when she started out in the industry back in 2015 she was a size 0, but has since transformed her relationship with her body and is now a size 4.

"Now I'm a size 4-6 and I'm s**t on everyday because I'm not a skeleton and I'm not unhealthy anymore," she said tearfully, "I'm 5'10. I'm healthy. I suffered with an eating disorder for years and I finally feel confident at my size. I've gained 35 pounds in the past five years, really, and I look great. I'm still thin [but] I'm too small for plus-size. I'm too big for whatever the f**k standard size 0-2 is."

Speaking about the pressures to look a certain way within the modelling industry, particularly in New York, Anna said that many models feel as though they're "not enough" and "have to live some unhealthy lifestyle to make it."

Anna then pointed out how this mentality can lead to models developing and dealing with eating disorders, just like she did – stressing how it is very rarely natural to be as small as casting team's desire.

"I'm tired of casting directors making me and girls who are naturally curvy [feel not enough]" she said, before admitting that whilst battling her own eating disorder, she lost her period.

Plenty of fellow models took to the comments section to support the 22-year-old, and share their own experiences with being told to lose weight for a shoot. "I am sick of all the fashion houses continuing to perpetuate this preposterous beauty standard," said one TikTok user, with another adding "Modelling definitely isn't as glamorous as everyone believes. Modelling pays well, but it wasn't worth the emotional trauma I endured." Some referred to the modelling industry as "toxic" and encouraged others not to let "sizes define you."

Beat is the UK's leading charity dedicated to helping people with eating disorders. If you or someone you know is struggling and want to seek help, call their helpline on 0808 801 0677 or visit their website for more details.

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