Sixtine Candidly Reveals Why She’ll Never Do ‘What I Eat in a Day’ Content

Sixtine.<p>Cindy Ord/Getty Images</p>

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Body neutrality influencer Sixtine is always issuing great reminders about focusing on what our bodies do for us rather than what they look like. On a similar note, the 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie provided an honest response to an Instagram follower who asked her to share a “What I Eat in a Day” piece of content.

“As someone who used to have an eating disorder i TRULY do not believe there is any benefit [in] these videos,” the model wrote in a story. “no one eats [the] same thing everyday and i don’t believe anyone should model their diet after what someone else eats. even if it’s harmless for most viewers, eating disorders tend to be very obsessive and those viewers can easily turn a harmless wieiad into a trigger/obsession/reason to limit, purge, etc.”

In typical fashion, we’re grateful to Sixtine for adding some healthy perspective to a common social media trend that may be triggering to some.

She went on to add that since she’s not a dietician, she has “no business” telling people what they should or should not eat. However, when another user submitted a question to her Instagram story about home cooking tips, Sixtine revealed that she is a fan of HelloFresh when it comes to preparing meals at home.

“they’re great because they have everything you need so im not wasting groceries and they take away the need to come up with cooking ideas,” the 25-year-old noted.

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