Top sites to register with for wedding gifts

Choose where to register your wedding gifts

Marriage Gift List

Marriage Gift List is an easy to use site that lets you choose gifts from a whole range of stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams and Amazon. Once registered you are able to select gifts from these stores and add them to your wish list. The website will then provide you with ‘Gift list information cards’ to send to your guests with information on how to login and view your items. When your guest goes to purchase an item they will be taken straight to the retailer’s website to complete the order, and then it can be removed from your gift list. But don’t worry if a lot of your guests aren’t so computer savvy and would rather buy it in store, they can always choose their gift and let your ‘List Manager’ know they’ve bought it to avoid duplicates.

Gifts & Lists

This independent site is a gift reservation service. Once registered you can add gifts from wherever you like, with a description, price and link to where the item can be purchased. Guests can then search for your list and select the gift they want. It is completely up to your guest to purchase the item from the selected retailer and add reservation details. Gifts & Lists does not have anything to do with payments or delivery (guaranteeing that you wouldn’t lose out if the site went under). You also have the option to set up a cash gift fund that people can ‘donate’ to which goes straight into a PayPal account for you.

The Bottom Drawer

The Bottom Drawer is linked with a range of companies such as Amazon, Debenhams, Wedgewood and Cath Kidston. The website offers a number of categories to help with the gift choosing process such as; ‘inside the home’, ‘away from home’, ‘all kinds of everything’, ‘ethical and charity gifts’ and ‘cash’. If there’s something you’re looking for that’s not available on their site, they can speak to the supplier and see if it can be added or alternatively can transfer the cost of the item into your account to buy separately. There is an admin fee charge of £89 for using the service; however it can often be refunded if you use the money raised on your gift list to purchase items through their affiliate stores.

Registering with a store

If you have a particular shop you just love, why not just register with them? There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple and choosing from a company or brand you like and trust. If you already have a home together, this could be the best opportunity to get all the items that you gaze at whilst you shop, but would never buy for yourself. Again, remember you can always register with more than one place, so if you want a brand new kitchen and a swanky garden make-over, then register with specialists that have everything that will meet all your needs.

Top sites to register your wedding gifts:


John Lewis


House of Fraser

If you’re not looking to fill your home with wedding gifts, then why not enhance your honeymoon and ask guests to contribute to making it your perfect first holiday together as a married couple? There are options your travel agent or holiday provider can offer your guests, so they can contribute to your special getaway. Read more on
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